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They call Rhode Island the Ocean State for a reason. Between our ocean frontage and Narragansett Bay we are blessed with instant access to waters that are teeming with many species of fresh fish. Our goal is to inform you what those species are, tell you where you can get them and suggest ways to cook them. From ocean to table, it just doesn't get any fresher than that.

The Rhode Island Seafood Collaborative was established by the Rhode Island General Assembly in 2011. The objective of the Collaborative is to support local fishermen and small businesses and to increase awareness and consumption by the public of locally fished species.

The Collaborative is chaired by the RI Department of Environmental Management, which has been charged with implementing the legislative initiative. This website is the first initiative on behalf of the Rhode Island Seafood Collaborative. There are many new initiatives in progress so please visit our web site frequently in order to learn of new developments.

  • Janet Coit, Director, RI Department of Environmental Management
  • Mike Walker, Senior Project Manager, RI Economic Development Corporation
  • Robert Ballou, Acting Chief of Fish & Wildlife, RI Department of Environmental Management
  • Ken Ayars, Chief of Agriculture, RI Department of Environmental Management
  • Ernest Julian, Chief of Food Protection, RI Department of Health
  • Dave Beutel, Aquaculture Coordinator, RI Coastal Resources Management Council
  • Allison Rogers, Policy Director, RI Department of Administration
  • John Kirby, Dean of the College of Environment and Life Sciences, University of Rhode Island

  • Ryan Clark, Vice President, The Town Dock
  • Ann Cook, Co-founder, The Local Catch, Inc.
  • Bill Silkes, President, American Mussel Harvesters
  • Derek Wagner, Chef & Owner, Nick’s on Broadway
  • John Delgado, Seafood Buyer / Supervisor, Dave’s Market Place
  • Mike McGiveney, President, RI Shellfishermen’s Association
  • David Preble, New England Fisheries Management Council
  • Hirotsugu Uchida, Assistant Professor, University of Rhode Island
  • Kathryn Farrington, Vice President of Marketing, Newport Chambers & Visitor’s Bureau
  • Perry Raso, President, Ocean State Aquaculture Association